Who We Are

This is the on-line home of the labour movement in Hamilton. Browse here to learn about the Labour Council and the important contributions that working folk and their unions make to our city.

The Hamilton and District Labour Council is the voice of working people in Hamilton. By pursuing jobs, peace and security, we seek to build a community that values human dignity and basic fairness.

Labour Council is:

  • an assembly of delegates elected by local union affiliates of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). An executive council, elected by the delegates for a two-year term, helps the labour council to shape its agenda and then implement its decisions. Committees, also elected, assist the executive by reviewing issues, hearing delegations, proposing actions and organizing events, e.g. the annual Labour Day Parade.
  • an umbrella group that brings together local unions so that collectively we can better represent our members, defend free collective bargaining, assist the unorganized and generally improve the quality of life in our city.


  • actively promote the concerns of our members about social, economic, environmental and workplace issues to governments, community decision-makers and the general public.
  • actively advocate for health and safety reform, worker training and labour-specific education.