Make Hamilton a Living Wage City

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Anyone working a full-time job should not be living in poverty! The cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Hamilton requires an hourly, full-time worker to be making almost $19/hr.

The minimum wage in Ontario is $14.25/hr. The Living Wage in Hamilton is $16.45/hr. 

We know that even Living Wage is a base minimum for people to survive in our city. Even it's too low, but Living Wage can be adjusted every couple of years as REAL LIFE costs start to increase. $16.45/hr is not enough, but it's a step in the right direction!

As a worker in Hamilton, I need a City Councillor who supports:

  • All City of Hamilton workers (even students) getting paid at least a living wage to help set an example for other employers around the city.
  • All City of Hamilton procurement and tendering processes requiring all contractors and sub-contractors to pay, at least, a Living Wage to all their workers.
  • All anchor institutional employers (like McMaster University, Mohawk College, our school boards, and hospitals) following the same requirements.
  • All employers in Hamilton becoming living wage employers to help keep workers out of poverty.