IWD 2021 Online Event

We have, historically, celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD) in the Hamilton Region for many years, not only to mark the many accomplishments of women and commemorate their struggles and achievements throughout history, but also to help those women who are presently experiencing domestic violence and hardships.

The demand for social services serving women and girls has increased over 40% this year, yet there is a forecasted shortfall in community funding. Government supports – federal and provincial – have failed to recognize the size, scope and economic impact of the non-profit sector and have therefore fallen short of what is needed to help non-profits through the crisis and into recovery. The pandemic will have repercussions for years to come, and your support is needed to help our community recover.

This year has been one of unprecedented challenges for everyone – especially for women in our community that may have been struggling before the pandemic and are now at risk of falling even further behind.

LOCAL & PROVINCIAL UNIONS CAN ASSIST by purchasing of sponsorships/advertising opportunities. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND! We have a maximum capacity of 500 for the webinar, so register early! Speaker and performer information will be added in future emails and on this page.

Register at hdlc.ca/IWD2021

YOUR SUPPORT WILL HELP agencies adapt to keeping people safe in our new reality, while continuing to offer critical services that support employment, mental health, and food security. Proceeds will be distributed to various local Hamilton agencies.

The linked Sponsorship Form for union locals gives more details of how you can help to make this the best IWD 2021 celebration yet!

The deadline to purchase sponsorships/advertising is FRIDAY, MARCH 5th, 2021.

WOMEN ARE COUNTING on your support and look forward to seeing you on March 10th.

If you have questions about any of the above, please contact our HDLC 1st Vice-President, Jayoti Edington at [email protected].