Elect Change

The Hamilton and District Labour Council is moving forward with a digital organizing strategy to help candidates who pledge to end poverty and eliminate systemic racism and oppression in our city, with a focus on all three levels of government. We will be advocating for good jobs with (at least) a living wage, benefits, pensions, and better working conditions for all.

We need your help to positively impact our city as much as possible. It's time we united to Elect Change for the better!

GO TO www.electchange.ca now and join us!

Please give us as much information as you are comfortable with so that we can match you with activists within your Ward and Riding ready to mobilize for the next Municipal, Provincial and Federal elections.

Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of the Hamilton District Labour Council team responsible for coordinating election campaigns within the city. If, at any time, you get an email from the Labour Council which causes you to want to be removed the list, just let us know.

As we get closer to upcoming elections we will begin to reach out and help organize groups of people within your neighbourhood who have also signed up with us. Together we can help make change for our city.