Day of Mourning 2021

This year we will be replicating our traditional Day of Mourning ceremony from City Hall in a virtual space on Zoom.

The national theme for this year's event is The Human Cost of COVID-19

We will continue, in our virtual space, to remember those comrades we've lost due to workplace injuries and illnesses, not just this past year, but also throughout our personal workplace histories.

We will continue to share music as a tool of contemplation and reflection.

We will hear from some labour leaders about the impact the pandemic has had on their sector and how we can safely transition back to "normal" working conditions.

And we will hear from coalition partners around the city who work with injured workers on a daily basis, even under trying times.

This year, the organizing committee has decided to hold the event at 11 a.m. even though April 28th is on a weekday. Traditionally on weekdays the live event would be moved to 5:30 p.m. Even though the event will be live at 11 a.m., the YouTube stream will be available after the event is done on our HDLC YouTube Channel.


We have space for 100 people in a traditional Zoom meeting environment. If we get close to exceeding this number, we will expand the meeting to a webinar which will give us space up to 500 or more. Please register early to give us an idea of numbers.

Please feel free to share this email with your members and with anyone from the general public who might be interested. This event is open to the public!

If your local wishes to lay a wreath at the monument in front of City Hall (while you can certainly do so at any time), we would encourage you to choose a time between 1-5 p.m.. HDLC will also continue its practice of having roses available for those individuals who wish to lay one at the monument in memory of a loved one.

At all times, we will be respecting the current legislated expectations with regards to social distancing and we expect that (if several people show up at the monument at the same time) locals will respect such distancing requirements as well.

Again, we wish we could be in person and anticipate a time where we can be once again. Until then, we look forward to your participation in this year's event.