CubaCan 6060 Holiday Fundraiser

The holiday season is upon us and in the spirit of solidarity we are organizing a fundraiser to help our Cuban friends and comrades who are facing immense economic struggles as a result of intensified attacks by the Trump administration and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our current campaign has two primary goals, we are focused on collecting monetary donations in order to support the CubaCan 6060 project while also soliciting gifts in kind for our education supply drive.

The Cubacan network was founded by Canadian Bill Ryan and Cuban Five Hero Gerardo Hernandez as a means to engage in international solidarity projects between the nations of Cuba and Canada. Their current CubaCan 6060 campaign aims to provide high quality baseball equipment to the Cuban people free of charge. We believe this is a worthwhile campaign to endorse and support as the Canadian Labour Movement has a long history of supporting the nation of Cuba during times of economic crisis.

Furthermore, we will be organizing an education supply drive to help young people in Cuba who have limited access to basic educational supplies that we often take for granted in Canada.

How can you help?

We are requesting that interested individuals, locals, labour bodies and national unions make a monetary donation towards our campaign. All donations can be made out to the Hamilton & District Labour Council and will be distributed to the CubaCan 6060 campaign.

We will also accept donations in the form of gifts in kind for our education supply drive. Does your local office have any supplies that could be used for educational purposes? Donations of pencils, pens, binders, notebooks and any general stationary material would be appreciated.

We will organize drop off and pick up to make the process as easy as possible.

If you are interested in making a monetary donation or gift in kind please email [email protected] or call 416-709-3555.

Thank you for your support!